Persian Green Onyx

About Persian Green Onyx Marble Slabs

Persian Green Onyx, a mesmerizing natural green stone, is the quintessential choice when it comes to swathing your property with grandeur and panache. Developed from natural Onyx stone, the refined structure of the Persian Green Onyx is an exquisite an amalgamation of green and Onyx hues.

Applications: Persian Green Onyx Slabs Delhi is a popular choice among interior designers and architects alike, given its distinctive charm. Known for its unique transparency, it is ideal to use in the following for a glowing effect:

- Bathroom Vanities

- Bathtubs

- Backlit Walls

It is also perfect for furnishing your abode, as it leaves an enthralling impact on your bathroom and walls due to its intricate dashing design.

Distinctive Properties:

The eccentric integration of intrepid gold and striking brown veins on a beautiful green background has the ability to make a room look paradisiacal, especially when accompanied by light. This distinctive and intense natural stone is deemed a remarkable bequest from Mother Nature. Explore more about this translucent wonder on the official Pedra Marmol website.

PEDRA MARMOL is engaged in sourcing exotic natural marble and manufacturing high-quality semi-precious stone slabs and gemstone slabs and supplying Indian granite. Pedra Marmol is your convenient destination where luxury meets your budget.
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