Bianco Lasa Extra

About Bianco Lasa Extra Marble Slab

Bianco Lasa, a marvellous marble variant from Vietnam, is as white as snow commingled with mystic hues of grey and gleaming streaks of gold. Deemed as one of the most magnificently created marbles and the whitest worldwide, it has a distinguished and suave charm.


Bianco Lasa is widely selected to adorn homes, sculptures, and office spaces as it is celebrated for metamorphosing any expanse into a concretization of splendor and refinement. The elegant and sophisticated white marble is one of the most established choices when it comes to designing delicate and decorous interiors and is also popularly used to add glamour and grace to the exteriors of extravagant projects.


Bianco Lasa has been globally acknowledged as the purest and strongest amongst white marbles for centuries. Comprised of a crystalline pure white structure that resembles an iridescent pearl, Bianco Lasa, is surely an admired choice.

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